Last updated 2 October 2003.

Leicester Go Club: Details of the meeting at Loughborough School.

The Club will meet in the Library of Loughborough School.

As we are hoping for some people from Loughborough schools to come, please come as early as possible (any time after 19:00)

Here is a map showing the detailed area around the school. You should be able to enter at the entrance from the A6 shown as dotted lines, go past the car park, through the barrier (which should be up) and park in Burton Walks. Look for the quadrangle (this is to the North-east of the "A" in "Burton Walks" on the above map); the Library is on the right hand side of the quadrangle, with the entrance at the far end.

Here is a map showing a smaller scale map of all Loughborough. If going up the A6 from Leicester, look out for a BP garage on the right; the entrance is shortly afterwards on the left and is very easy to miss.